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Cyber Security - protect against cyber crime

“Cyber Security isn’t simply the IT director or the chief information officer’s problem, it’s a company risk issue and executive boards need to know their company is going to be vulnerable if they don’t understand these risks: the world we increasingly trade in is no longer face to face, it’s online.”

Richard Benham

Professor Benham, University of Gloucester

-interview by Nicky Godding, Cotswold Life Business & Professional May 2015 @cotsbusiness cotswoldlife.co.uk/business

Fighting Cyber Crime in the UK

This video gives a clear explanation of the potential cyber security issues that Small Businesses face today. Courtesy of IBT TV

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The growth of Internet based crime, more commonly called Cyber Crime, can no longer be underestimated or ignored.

The UK Government considers Cyber Crime as one of four tier-one threats to national security over the past 4 years. According to recent surveys, as much as 60% of Small Businesses have suffered a Cyber Security breach during 2014.  This is not something that can be ignored by any size of business working in the Accountancy, Legal and Engineering sectors.

Typically these businesses hold a considerable amount of confidential sensitive data on their clients & Products and robust security is therefore essential to have any chance of preventing Cyber Security breaches.

For all SMEs this is a significant area of concern and sensible planning now could help avert a serious problem later.  Consider these scenarios:

  • Loss of Finances due to Fraud
  • Internal loss of confidential data
  • Loss of Internet Customer Data
  • Regulatory Requirements on Security
  • Theft of data by Staff
  • Uncontrolled loss of Data through laptops and USB
  • Hacking of internal systems and websites

The list is growing.  According to Authorities like the FBI and other key researchers like RiskBased Security there is a continual rise in incidents of loss. The ICAEW and The Law Society both report increases in the number of business networks compromised by simple network flaws and holes.  The loss of data and exposure of data by employees is growing. This particularly affects SMEs.  The problem grows daily.

IT Auditing is the simple answer.

Have your Systems and Networks checked and analysed by Rooks Move today.

Data and IT Security Auditing

Rooks Move can help you by auditing your IT Systems from simple security measures to full defence attacks and reporting on your areas of vulnerability. This can be done as part of regular support services or as a Independent objective audit satisfy the requirements of governing bodies like the ICAEW and The Law Society.

I can advise & help you implement changes that are relevant to your size of business, to help protect you from cyber crime.

During the process, I will work with you to define a scope for the IT Audit and the reports you need to make informed decisions about risks that could be a potential problem for your Business Sector.  Not only will I cover your IT equipment and software, but will also look at your general security.  This includes your IT Policy and the way you control access in and out of your premises.

I will help you decide on the value of the impact of any such risk and advise if you should invest in changes to reduce such an impact.

Call me today and ask about IT Auditing and how it can help your business stay successful by avoiding potential areas of risk – 01666 575242

Case Study – Compliance with ICAEW

In 2014 I was engaged by a large Accountancy Partnership [name withheld for security] to conduct a system & company wide review of their IT Systems and Security. They had decided to do this to ensure compliance with guidelines from their governing body, the ICAEW.

Working closely with their Head of IT and the IT Manager, I examined their entire Partnership. Over a period of 5 days, we reviewed Building and Staff Security, their IT Support Company & other Suppliers and examined processes and database software used to conduct their day-to-day business.

Whilst their IT Systems proved very robust, many of the less obvious and potentially more damaging security flaws applied practice-wide.

The most severe vulnerabilities concerned the interaction of their staff with supposedly secure Government interfaces, particularly the HMRC.

Others included their encryption of laptops & USB keys, as well as their front door key register and the vetting of cleaning contractors.

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