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What's Behind Rooks Move?

Rooks Move is the specialist Computer & Business Support Service
started by Ian Straughan, a systems engineer with commercial vision
and a knack for sorting out difficult IT systems…

Micro Business Support

Rooks Move is a specialist IT Support Service providing a comprehensive IT Support, Software & Security Auditing service for the Micro Business market. I specialise in the business sectors of Accountancy, Legal and Engineering & Manufacturing.

Before starting the business in 2004, I held a number of key positions for blue-chip companies and I have had the distinct pleasure to work with talented people from companies such as Dixons, Philips, Seiko, Nikon, BT, Essilor, British Airways and Create .

I also provide a business support resource for the Micro Business sector, built around a concept of making IT work profitably and designing technology solutions that enable Micro Businesses to ultimately deliver revenue.  Key to this is developing close relationships with company principles and using larger scale concepts scaled to their needs in all areas of their IT requirements.

Simply put, IT by Design.


Accredited in Microsoft Technologies
Sophos Endpoint Partner
Virtualization & Azure
Server & PC Repair
Unifi Network design and support
2nd & 3rd Line Server Support
IT Systems Security Auditing
Private Cloud Computing

I have a string of qualifications that no one in the real world cares about, but for my peers that want to position me in the cyber world – MCSE, MCITP:EA, MCTS, MCSA and MCSE:Private Cloud.  In the corporate world, Director of Sales and Business Development.

So why Rooks Move

Over 20 years ago I had an idea to start my own business to provide a first class IT Support Service for other Small Businesses, which drew upon my extensive Blue-Chip experience.  I have a great deal of business knowledge on a corporate scale that I can distill to other smaller entrepreneurs, but always believe it should be combined with a stable IT platform they can depend upon.  For so many years of my corporate career, I had been let down by inadequate and poorly managed PCs, Servers and antiquated Business Software that wasted months of my life in frustration and poor productivity.  My idea was born out of that frustration and since 2004 Rooks Move has managed to do just what I set out to do – help other businesses grow through well designed IT and marketing support.

Thank you for visiting my site and seeing what I can do for you.