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Services for your Business Sector

Providing IT Services for the Professional and Engineering Sectors

Drawing upon extensive experience in the corporate commercial world, Rooks Move has specialised in working closely with certain sectors of business. In particular the Professional Sectors of Accountants, Solicitors, Vets, Consultants, Engineering, Manufacturing & Agriculture. With a strong understanding of your market and using the latest approaches in IT Systems, Rooks Move can really help you

Business IT Support

First Class IT Support for your Business

  • On Premises attendance & Remote Support
  • PC, Workstation, Laptop & Server repair
  • Third line software resolution
  • Virus & malware removal
  • Network & Broadband diagnostics & repair
IT Support for Business
Cloud and Hosting Services

Work Smarter with Microsoft 365

  • Increase productivity & communication with Office 365 & Teams
  • Backup essential data to cloud based, geo-located solutions with Azure
  • Benefit from fully managed cloud monitored Computer support
  • Utilise new applications: CRM, Invoicing & Accounting Packages
  • Improve collaboration with sharing services One Drive & SharePoint
Cyber Security

Defend your Business from Cyber Crime

  • Evaluate and ensure all Equipment is protected with AVG Cloudcare
  • Real-time monitoring of systems for infections & Malware
  • Auditing of Equipment, Systems and Control Security
  • Ensuring compliance with governing bodies ICAEW, The Law Society
  • protect your business from BYOD issues & accidental data loss by staff
Business IT Equipment

The Right Equipment supply for your Business

  • Supply of PCs, Workstations & Servers
  • HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo manufacturer brands
  • Custom Built Computers for specific needs
  • Legacy equipment for specialist applications
  • Network Switches, Draytek Routers and Ubiquiti Wifi

Rooks Move offers
a full range of supporting
Cloud and Internet Services


Supporting your Business Sector

Since the outset in 2004, drawing upon extensive experience in the corporate commercial world, Rooks Move has specialised in working closely with certain sectors of business. In particular the Professional Sectors of:

Accountancy – Legal – Veterinary – Consultancy – Engineering & Manufacturing – Agriculture & Bio Energy


With a strong understanding of your market and using the latest approaches in IT Services, Rooks Move can work with you

  • to provide first class business IT support for all of your IT Services and software – from PCs & Macs to Servers, networks and Broadband.
  • to ensure you have the right Business IT Equipment to enable high productivity in your daily operations
  • to Enable Technology to drive business for you, your business and your team
  • to ensure your company and data is secure from the ever growing threat of Cyber Crime
  • Security and The Law Society

    The Law Society is under a great deal of pressure from The Government to encourage reform in the way that data relating to your clients is protected. The requirements of complying with the current EU Data Protection Act 1998 are considered by many to be sub-standard to the real threats posed by Cyber Crime.

    But what are the real threats?

    How, as a hard-working legal practice, do you comply with ever-changing views, commentary and ultimately legislation on data protection?

    I can assist you with advice, assessments and audits to help you comply with potential regulations against real and perceived threats. I can help you implement sensible systems and measures to help counter these threats without resorting to expensive, over-the-top solutions.

    In a recent survey conducted by a leading Document Collaboration Service – Wondershare – again it was shown that the highest threat to data security came from staff activity inside the Practice. This is common in virtually all professional services today.

    So start at the weakest area of defence and the one that is closest to home. Ask for an audit of your in-house security.

    Cyber attacks are a threat to all businesses today and law firms are particularly attractive sources of information.

    source: Cyber Security – The Law Society

    The Law Society

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants and Compliance

    The Institute of Chartered Accountants has made significant impact on tackling Cyber Crime for its Members and provides detailed resources for IT support to Accountants.

    Yet the depth of information available from your institute can present challenges through information overload.  How do Accountants choose what is relevant for their practice or partnership when it comes to protection from Cyber Crime?

    The ICAEW provides a detailed set of guidlines on IT Systems Compliance, which the ICAEW requires its members to comply with when they conduct practice assessments.  I have experience in preparing a partnership ahead of assessments and can carry out a detailed audit of your systems to help you achieve compliance with the ICAEW Guidelines.

    I can help you implement appropriate systems and counter-measures to help protect your business from Cyber Crime without resorting to expensive and often heavyweight solutions.

    One potential area of failing compliance is the lack of a Backup and disaster Recovery plan (BDR) and more importantly an IT Policy. I can help you meet your compliance requirements.

    While businesses still need to apply appropriate preventative controls to protect their information, they increasingly need to operate in a way which assumes that some of their information will inevitably be accessed by others

    source: ICAEW: Audit Insight into Cyber Security

  • The Institute of Engineering and Technology on Cyber Security

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    This is no longer movie fiction but a reality with the advent of hacktivists, cyber-criminals and cyber-terrorism

    source: The Institute of Engineering & Technology


Backed by Microsoft Cloud Services

As a Microsoft Partner & accredited Microsoft Private Cloud Specialist, I am qualified to help you make the right decisions now with the future developments of the Internet in mind.

I cover the Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and North Somerset areas including Malmesbury, Minety, Cirencester, Cheltenham, Tetbury, Nailsworth, Stroud, Minchinhampton, Swindon, Bath and Bristol.

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