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Using the Cloud to work smarter

Rooks Move Specialises in Microsoft Office 365

Supplying directly from Microsoft, I can provide all levels of Office 365 services from Hosted Exchange Plan E1 to Office 365 Business Premium.

Office 365 supplied by Rooks Move

I can migrate your existing Exchange Server to the Cloud and specialise in upgrading Small Business Server to Server Essentials with Office 365

Microsoft Partner Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud SolutionsMCSE Private Cloud

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What is Office 365?

Office 365 by Microsoft® allows Small Businesses to work anywhere, whenever they want on whatever device they choose. Built on the powerful Office Desktop software applications, Office 365 provides always-available email and productivity tools ready to work when you are.

For Small Businesses, Office 365 removes the need for complicated on-premises equipment and instantly provides highly-secure, easy-to-access apps that work seamlessly on your phone, your tablet, laptops and desktop PCs. And most importantly, your email and data are backed-up by the security of Microsoft® in worldwide data-centres.

Rooks Move specialises in supplying Microsoft® Office 365 and can help you move from your current email setup to a service designed to take your business forward in the future.

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Enabling Cloud Technology to drive business

Using the latest approaches in IT and drawing upon extensive experience in the corporate commercial world, I can work with you to grow your sales and keep you up to date. Enabling cloud technology to drive business for you, your business and your team . As an accredited Microsoft Private Cloud Solutions Expert, I am qualified to help you make the right decisions now with the future developments of the Internet and your business in mind.

What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is not just another expression for the Internet, it is a collective term for groups of services that are available to all, delivered through the Internet for your business to utilise in its day to day operations. Some of these services are hardware or development related and others focus on software similar to programs that you use now on your PCs, like Microsoft Office.

The three categories of Cloud services are:
Hardware – virtual servers and processing power known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Platform – development software for web & programming known as Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Software – access to desktop applications for users known as Software as a Service (SaaS)

It may be that your business could benefit from using all or just one of these services. But it is essential that you ensure they are value for money. That they can deliver real benefits to your growth, through increased productivity, reduced costs, improved performance. Most importantly ensure security of your data with reliable companies backing the services you need. Rooks Move can help you choose and decide what is right for your plans and business growth.


Probably the biggest Cloud technology that will be of most value to Small Businesses is the range of Cloud software services available today. Many Smaller Businesses simply won’t require IaaS or PaaS services, but could thrive on SaaS products like Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and other Cloud based services like anti-virus from security developers AVG. As an accredited Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Private Cloud Solutions Expert, Rooks Move is qualified to advise and supply you with the latest Cloud Software products.  I can help you migrate your business from an on-premises system to a Cloud based operation either partially or in full where relevant to your business goals.


If your business is developing in such a way that you now require several on-premises servers to run applications – databases, Microsoft Exchange, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), then maybe a Cloud based IaaS is the next step for you. This can be worth considering as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on server units is becoming greater with technological advancement and cost of warranty & servicing of equipment increasing. The requirement for in-house IT teams is another consideration. Using virtual server technologies based in the Cloud, with careful selection, can reduce your TCO and in-house overhead. Rooks Move can work with you to design a suitable IaaS strategy with you and supply the virtual hardware via our UK based datacentre partner.


In conjunction with hardware requirements, if you are running or developing a new software application for the web or a database for customer management or product development, a platform service in the Cloud could offer distinct cost-saving and efficiency increases for your users and customers. If you have development teams that need processing power on web-standard software, moving to a PaaS may be an advantage. Windows Azure, Red Hat OpenShift and Google App Engine are examples of the platforms available in this Cloud space. And all PaaS options include the IaaS option by default, offering security and resilience by the leading companies in the Cloud world, like Google and Microsoft.

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Case Study

I have provided IT Support for many years to Cirencester Housing Society and during that time, I have migrated their in-house server from the original Small Business Server 2000 through several versions to today’s Server 2012 Essentials.  In this latest version of Server for Small Business, the Exchange Licence component has been removed and instead Office 365 is used to replace it. However migrating an on-premises Exchange Server to the Cloud comes with challenges, which I have managed for the Cirencester Team.  We are now two years into Office 365 and the ease of use particularly with BYOD has been extremely beneficial to the team’s workflow and collaboration.