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Rooks Move recommends HP business IT Equipment

The right Business IT Equipment to work Smarter

The Workplace PC and its supporting services & network are the most heavily used tools a professional services worker utilises on a day-to-day basis. For many smaller firms, staff performing data processing & recording can be using PCs for over 6 hours a day 5 Days a week. When a company bills by the minute, every moment of downtime is costing the business money.

All Professional Services need reliable Business IT Equipment to perform their functions for their clients.  Accountants, Solicitors, Engineers and other professionals all depend heavily on their computers, Macs & servers to be working optimally at all times during their time at their desks and when out & about.

Suitable Business IT Equipment for Accountants, Solicitors and Engineers have many common features. They must have plenty of power and be efficient without waiting time or go slow periods. They should start up quickly and be able to handle the latest most demanding applications like Sage, Photoshop and CRM Databases, let alone Microsoft Word Excel and Outlook.

Buying good Business IT Equipment for the future

This however is hard to achieve given that most companies opt to spend on average £500 per PC written down over 3-5 year period.

It is easy to under-estimate the value of a PC. Each data processing user can potentially utilise their PC for 1300 hours a year or 3900 hours over 3 years. That equates to a value of just 12p per machine per hour. And yet business still consider PCs and their support expensive!

By investing in the proper Business IT Equipment that is right for its user, it is possible to provide machines that will perform under the most strenuous conditions without the cost being exponential to the power they can deliver.

Rooks Move can help you by providing the right IT equipment for your working environments and help eliminate low productivity, downtime and wasted billing hours caused by inadequately powered machines.

Custom Built Computers

Sometimes it is better to build the right unit specifically for the work it is to undertake.  Off the shelf units may not have the more detailed specifications or resilience that can be achieved from a custom built PC.

Rooks Move can build business IT equipment to your personal requirements or modify off-the-shelf products to better suit the needs of a business.

Take the headache out of IT provision and ask me for a recommendation . It’s my job to manage IT – call me.

Case Study

I was engaged by Precision Mechanical Services of Cirencester to replace and re-network key computers for certain members of staff.  HP professional series desktops & workstations were used for reliability and performance.

Shortly after, an important legacy PC, used for measuring engineering quality tolerances, failed completely.  This PC was fitted with a unique interface card, that would have cost a considerable amount to replace if a new PC was simply supplied in its place.

To resolve this issue, I custom built a new high performance PC fitted with a special retro-fit motherboard that allowed the combination of the latest quad-core processor and high speed memory, but with a slot that allowed for the legacy interface card. This enabled PMS to retain current quality inspection equipment, saving unnecessary re-investment expenditure.